Extreme Survival Handbook

$ 24.99

Extreme Survival is the essential guide for what you absolutely need to know before you visit out-the way places. It's an entertaining and unusual guide to surviving and enjoying extreme conditions. A definitive, indispensable companion for any adventure traveler, it offers solid advice on fitness, protection against disease, packing, proper clothing, and finding drinking water, but it offers much more....

Outdoor Survival

$ 52.95

Author: Bear Grylls. More people today are choosing to shun personal comfort when they travel to remote destinations,

The U.S. Navy Seal Survival Handbook

$ 24.99

There is probably no person better qualified to write a book on survival than Don Mann. Don can survive anything , as is evidenced by his many achievements since his retirement from the U.S. Navy SEALs. Whether it's a Primal Quest event or a remote adventure race, Don has figured out how to extract the most from himself when the...